How To Make NFT Profile Picture On Twitter, Instagram and Discord


Are you looking for a new way to make your Social Media profile picture stand out? Want to try something different than the standard square image? You can use an online tool to create a custom profile picture that is unique and fits your personality. 

In this article, we will discuss how to make NFT profile picture. Also we will discuss some important questions like What are the pros and cons of putting NFT as a profile picture?  What Formats Can Be Used For An NFT Profile Picture? Can I use NFT as a profile picture on Facebook? If you are interested to know then please stay with us.

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What is an NFT profile picture?

NFT profile pictures are digital assets that exist on the blockchain. They are unique, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be used as a personal avatar or user profile picture in various online platforms and networks. NFTs are digitally created items which cannot be replicated, making them highly secure and rare. NFT profile pictures are not just stored online, but are actually tokenized on the blockchain, meaning that NFT profile pictures can be bought and sold in digital marketplaces. This provides NFT owners with a new way of expressing themselves digitally and monetizing their digital creations.


Can you use NFT images as a profile?

Yes,  You can use NFT images as a profile picture. NFT profiles can be used to not only showcase the owner’s interests but also to show off their creativity and express themselves in a unique way. NFT profile pictures are also great for those looking to stand out from the crowd and be seen as more than just another face in the sea of social media users. NFTs can be used to show off your skills, promote special events, or even just add a touch of personality to your online presence! With NFTs, you can make a big impact with just a few clicks




What are the pros and cons of putting NFT as a profile picture?



  • NFTs are a great way to bring visibility and recognition to your profile. NFTs can be used as a digital badge that expresses a person’s interests, beliefs, and values.
  • NFTs are also a great way to monetize your profile. NFTs allow you to get paid for the content you post on your profile.
  • NFTs can be used as social currency by giving NFT rewards to followers who interact with your profile.
  • NFTs can add another layer of engagement on your profile, as people might be more likely to follow you if they know there are NFT rewards.



  • NFTs may not have the same appeal or recognition as traditional profile pictures, so it could take time for your NFT profile picture to gain traction.
  •  NFTs may require a certain technical level of understanding in order to use, so it might be difficult for some people to understand how NFTs work.
  •  NFTs also come with their own set of risks, as they are still an emerging technology and the market is yet to be fully regulated.
  •  NFTs can be expensive and may not offer the same ROI as traditional profile pictures.
  •  NFTs also require more maintenance, as they can’t simply be replaced with a new image like with traditional profile pictures.


Overall, NFTs are an exciting way to bring more visibility and recognition to your profile, but it is important to be aware of the risks and costs associated with NFTs. It is also important to remember that NFTs may take time to gain traction, so it’s important to have patience when using NFTs as a profile picture. 




 How to Set a NFT Profile Picture on Twitter?

By following these simple steps, you will be able to effectively set a NFT profile picture on Twitter. Doing so is an excellent way to support NFT artists, showcase your NFT artwork and express yourself creatively. So get out there and start setting NFT profile pictures on Twitter!

  1. Firstly, you will need to acquire an NFT profile picture. You can do this by visiting NFT art marketplaces such as OpenSea or Rarible and purchasing it from the creator. It is important to ensure that you are able to transfer the NFT profile picture from the marketplace to your Twitter account before making the purchase.
  2. Once the NFT profile picture has been acquired, you will need to transfer it to your Twitter account by using a “bridge” service such as Nifty Gateway or Mintable. Both of these services will allow you to securely link your NFT wallet to your Twitter account.
  3. After the NFT profile picture has been successfully linked to your Twitter account, you will need to go to the settings page of your Twitter account and select “Change Profile Picture”. You should then select the NFT profile picture that you have just purchased and it will be set as your new profile picture on Twitter.



How to Set a NFT Profile Picture on Instagram?


  1. First, you need to create your NFT profile picture image in the NFT format (JPEG/PNG).
  2. Log into Instagram and tap on the Profile icon at the bottom of the screen or swipe right from anywhere in Feed
  3. Tap Edit Profile
  4. Scroll down a bit and tap on the NFT profile picture option
  5. Tap Choose File and select your NFT profile picture
  6. Tap Upload to confirm the NFT profile picture change
  7. After the NFT Profile Picture is accepted, you will be taken back to your profile page where you can see it applied as your new profile picture.

And that’s it! You have successfully changed your NFT profile picture on Instagram. Enjoy your NFT profile picture and share it with the world!


Note: NFT Profile Pictures are available only to certain accounts, so make sure to check if you can use NFT profile pictures before attempting to do so. If NFT profile pictures are not available to your account, you will instead have the option of uploading a standard picture or GIF.



How to Set a NFT Profile Picture on Discord?

NFT profile pictures on Discord are a great way to show off your favorite NFTs and make your profile stand out. With Discord’s easy-to-use customization features, you can easily set up a unique profile picture featuring an NFT image. Here’s how:


  1. First, find the NFT you’d like to set as your profile picture. If you already own an NFT, simply locate it in your wallet or portfolio. If not, browse a marketplace such as OpenSea or Rarible to find the perfect fit.
  2. Once you’ve selected the NFT, copy its URL or image link.
  3. Log in to your Discord account and locate the “Edit Profile” option under the cog icon at the bottom left of your screen.
  4. Click on the profile picture box, select “Change Avatar”, and choose “Upload from Link.”
  5. Paste the URL or image link into the provided box and then click “Upload.”
  6. Your new NFT profile picture should now appear in your Discord account! If you ever want to change it back, just follow these same steps and upload a different image.




Can I use NFT as a profile picture on Facebook?

Using NFT as your profile picture on Facebook is not supported currently. That said, you can still show off your NFT collection by posting pictures or videos of your NFTs to Facebook. You can also link out to the NFT marketplace where you purchased it and show off your NFT collection this way.


For example, if you have an NFT profile picture on Mintable, you can share the URL of that NFT in a post on Facebook, along with a screenshot of the NFT. This way, you can share your NFT with your friends and followers on Facebook while also showing off your NFT collection.



What Formats Can Be Used For An NFT Profile Picture?


An NFT profile picture can be used in a variety of different formats. When selecting the format for your NFT profile picture, it is important to consider the size and resolution of your image. The most common NFT profile picture formats include JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG.

JPEG (or Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a standard format for NFT profile pictures and can be used with all sizes. This format supports millions of color depth, making it ideal if you want to include many details in your NFT profile picture.

PNG (or Portable Network Graphics) is another popular NFT profile picture format. PNGs are often used for transparent images, as they support partial transparency. They are also lossless and can be used with large image sizes, making them ideal for NFT profile pictures. Also you can use GIF and SVG formats.




NFT is now becoming very popular. In this article, I have tried to inform you of all the answers. If you have any questions about the NFT profile picture, feel free to comment.


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